24 Amazing Uses & Survival Tips For Zip Ties

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If you've ever been in a bind (no pun intended) and needed something like a zip tie to hold something in place or repair something so that you can make it to your next destination then you know how important zip ties can be in sticky situations. I know from experience that one time while I was on a off-road trip, my radiator hose clamp broke and I would have been stranded if all my coolant leaked out. But I had a bunch of zip ties in my bag that did a great job of replacing the clamp until I could get to the auto parts store for a new clamp.

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  1. For the snare you were asking about(not sure if anyone else responded back), I’d just use the traditional tree snare and tie it off on the tail section of the zip tie. Nothing would get away from a zip tie once it closes. But if one has rope not sure why one would waste their precious zip tie :). Great video thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Remove a zip tie… No tools. Instead of a screwdriver to move the retainer clip, try the end of another zip tie.

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